Telling a story of the person who is tormented, the person who doubts and the person who regrets was just as trying for me the director, as it was for the character in this story. We all have some doubts about how we deal with others and the world and in the end, the most compelling solution for our actions is that we acted with love and acceptance when we made our moves.

The principal character of Threshold is a man who learns not in the moment, but long after his loss of love and family is apparent, that understanding was part of the foundation of his life all along.

We shot this film in three days and under restricted conditions that forced me to find the essence of this story in myself as well as for the actors in very short order.

I hope you appreciate, as I do, the importance of acting with kindness towards others in the world, and that this film shows that all our decisions should not be hasty when love and understanding are at risk.

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