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Law and Order (2009)

This short piece was made as a commentary on why we do what we do. What makes us follow the rules? Download the film and send your responses.

Making the film

Shot in one day during the summer of 1974 and only completed in 2009, this film provokes questions about why we do what we do.

It was photographed in 16mm black & white using a Bolex camera (MOS) with the wild sound taken on a Nagra IV. This film was just completed in Final Cut Pro using digital transfers of the original positive film to DPX/Cineon files and encoded as Apple ProRes QuickTime movies for editing. The soundtrack was eventually mixed in stereo using MOTU Digital Performer.

Law and Order was filmed in the farmlands of central Illinois, south of Champaign, in and around the town of Crittenden, Illinois.